Stone and Slate

Primarily I enjoy working with slate, but have successfully completed works using a variety of stone. Due to the weight of the larger pieces, they are considered permanent structures.


tiny-slateThe colours never fail to make me smile, blues, greens, purple and grey hues. All the slate is sourced from the UK, with much of it being reclaimed – and nicely weathered.

Our blue / purple slate comes from Wales, either the Penrhyn, Ffestiniog or Cwt-y-Bugail quarries – believed to be the most durable slate in the world. It is waterproof and unaffected by normal extremes of temperature, and is colour fast and non-fading. Westmorland Green slate from Kirkby Moor (Burlington Slate Quarries) in Cumbria.

The slate is very versatile, and I only work with basic hand tools, and copious amounts of elbow grease. Slate can be further enhanced with subtle lighting, or occasionally through indoor display – being both tactile and fascinating. Slate sculptures work well in bold, simple shapes, globes, pyramids and cones.


Cotswold stone – warm golden coloured limestone. Often rich in fossils and splits nicely making it a pleasure to work with.

Bath stone – beautiful creamy beige in colour which mellows with age. Considered ‘soft’ to work with, the stone is highly durable.